Kate Delaney

Sports Commentator

Don’t Tell Her “No.”

Vireo Systems Network is proud to be brand partners with the amazing Kate Delaney!

An Emmy-award-winning sportscaster, author, and sought-after speaker, Kate can mesmerize a giant auditorium, or conduct a powerful one-on-one interview. She is a broadcasting pioneer, with a top-rated radio talk show.

Don’t let Kate’s sweet and bubbly personality fool you. She is a tenacious and savvy businesswoman who understands the value of hard work and perseverance. Famous for getting into the Dallas Cowboys locker room the “501st time she asked,” Kate has made her name by refusing to take no for an answer. Learn her secrets in her new book “Deal Your Own Destiny,” which tells you how to “Increase Your Odds, Win BIG and Become Extraordinary.”

Kate has scored some major interviews over the years, including U.S. presidents and Hall of Fame athletes. She has recently interviewed star athletes for ProMera Sports, and we are honored to have her on the team. Watch her interview with champion powerlifter Bonica Brown, as she talks about her training regimen and how she incorporates ProMera products.

No One Gets To Decide The Hand They’re Dealt In Life. Become The Dealer.

When Kate Delaney, an award-winning journalist, felt down on her luck and her career, she decided to take the fate of her future into her own hands. Through anecdotes from her early career, as well as reflections on the stories of great athletes, Deal Your Own Destiny reveals how Kate went from working at small, local radio stations to hosting two nationally syndicated radio shows and how you can take control of the trajectory of your future.

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Kate Delaney & Bonica Brown

Kate Delaney & Blaine Sumner

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