Red Velvet Fat Bombs

Recipe by Jamie Free

Total Time: 1.25 hours

Prep: 15 minutes

Cook/Cooling: 1 hour (2 sessions)

Yield: Approximately 10 truffles

A colorful spring or summertime snack coming right up! Red Velvet Fat Bombs here to brighten one of those hot days with some color and sweetness!

What You’ll Need

3.5 oz homemade white chocolate (or store bought)

1/2 cup coconut butter
1/4 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup coconut flour
1/4 cup powdered sweetener
2 tsp vanilla
2 tbsp beetroot powder (no food coloring needed here)
1/2 tsp salt
3 drops liquid stevia
1 tbsp macadamia oil

mixing bowls
pan and bowl for double-boiler
whisk, hand mixer, or kitchen mixer
parchment paper
hands willing to get dirty
spoon, small ice-cream scoop, or melon baller

Nutrition Info

Serving size: 1 truffle
225 calories
6.5g carbs
3.2g fiber
2.2g protein
21.7g fat


1. Set up your pot and glass bowl for a double boiler: melt coconut butter and coconut oil over double boiler then set aside.
2. Mix coconut flour, powdered sweetener, vanilla, beetroot powder, and salt into wet ingredients. Mix until all ingredients are smoothly incorporated.
3. Set mixture in refrigerator for 30-45 minutes or until firm enough to form balls.

During this time I find it best to get the white chocolate melted over the double-boiler, then pulled aside to cool slightly.

4. Bring truffle mix out of fridge.
5. Coat one hand (non-dominate) with macadamia oil.
6. Use spoon, small ice-cream scoop, or melon baller to form a ball. Place ball into hand and use macadamia oil to coat and shape into form. Once formed place onto parchment paper. This mixture will make 10 truffles.
7. Now onto coating: poke each truffle (while holding it with the other hand as these can crumble a little in the beginning) with a toothpick.
8. While holding the toothpick over the bowl of melted white chocolate, use a spoon to slowly and evenly coat each ball with white chocolate. Once coated – place back onto parchment paper and remove toothpick.
9. Refrigerate for 15 minutes – then they’re all yours to enjoy!